Lily Meets Animal Friends. Bedtime Stories for Kids Aged 3-8 – Alice June

Lily Meets Animal Friends is a bedtime book in English that is funny, kind, and educational. It follows the story of Lily, a little girl who adores animals. Get ready to meet all sorts of animals and find out why racoons’ tails are striped.
Lily has! She is a little girl who loves animals and wants to meet them all. It doesn’t matter a bit what they look like or where they live, Lily yearns to get to know them all. One day she decides to embark on a journey that turns out to be amazing. She gets to visit Bobby the Squirrel’s nest, swim in the ocean together with Bombo the Dolphin, swing with Monnie and Ricky the Monkeys, and dance with Scottie the Elephant. And many-many more animals.
Why would you buy it?
This children’s book is all about creating the air of fun and excitement. It aims to take kids on a fun journey and shed light on what different animals look like, where they live and how they act. Accordingly, it contains descriptions of what sounds the animals make and what they like to eat. The story also has a strong moral to it, showing how Lily does good deeds and helps her friends. If you are looking for a book that will teach your kids to be kind to animals, then this is the best choice out there.
Who will enjoy it?
This book for kids is great for kids that are aged between 3-8. The dialogues and descriptions are simple and short. Both toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy the fun conversations and situations Lily ends up in.
Who can make use of it?
Lily Meets Animal Friends is a great bedtime story that can be read out by parents. However, it is also suitable for kindergartens and nurseries. The plot will keep the kids entertained and will help them to find out more animals and their peculiar ways of life. It’s definitely a fantastic way of introducing your kids to the animal kingdom. The story will also show them how important it is to be kind and caring as Lily epitomizes love, compassion and sweetness.