Lime and Ruby: Here and Now! – A mindfulness book for kids about keeping focused and staying in the present – Elisa Anderson

Meet our deep-sea underwater friends who will show us how to be grounded in the present.
Ruby the jellyfish is worried about what animal may eat her and looks for where she can hide, only to meet a very calm octopus named Lime on the way.
Can Lime show Ruby how to stay focused in the present without having to worry about what may happen in the future?
Read this book to find out!

A fun read to get kids started on being mindful.
This book will introduce kids to the concept of mindfulness in a fun way as they read about how the characters in the book use it to solve their problems.

An easy to read book for younger kids and beginner readers
Simple and bold words used in the book will enable younger kids and early learners read it easily as they instantly get the message of the book as opposed to struggling with the words.