Living Room Feng Shui: A Guide to Feng Shui Living Room Decorating Ideas, Including the Feng Shui Bagua Map, Feng Shui Colors, and Other Great Feng Shui Tips – Joline McMathews

Feng Shui is the ancient, dynamic technique of organizing and decorating your home to draw out positive energy (Chi) that can empower you to succeed in life. The most significant room in your home that needs proper Feng Shui is your living room. It’s where you spend time together with your family and friends; it’s where you receive and entertain guests; and it’s typically centrally located and transitional between other rooms; so it’s vital that you arrange and decorate it such that the energy flow is smooth and harmonized. This ebook will help you to create a welcoming atmosphere of comfort, security, and positive energy through adopting the principles of Feng Shui in your living room. The unified energy attained will help convert your home into a powerful source of positive flow that will boost your chances of success in all your endeavors. The book will also help you choose specific colors and objects to enhance and harmonize your Chi energy, and will reveal other essential tips for creating good Feng Shui. Let’s get started!