Logan and Seraphina’s Transcended Love: Love Beyond No Bounds – Isra Sravenheart

FREE 16th & 17th April

Stuck in a loveless relationship, Serephina Dawn saunters through life in a haze of gray. With no sizzle or reciprocation between her and her mate, she finds herself closed off and trapped. Enter the spark: Logan Zayne. Like an ocean wave crashing over her, the flames of passion and longing burst to life in Serephnia’s heart and suddenly the world reveals itself in technicolor. As the walls of her former relationship and the life she’s led before begin to come down, Seraphina and Logan open themselves up to a world of possibility, where love conquers all. However, although the world has brought them together, it also seems quite set on keeping them apart as they face many obstacles along their journey to happily ever after. Drawn together by an undeniable magnetizing force, they will have to be twice as strong to remain together. When love is real it follows you anywhere and for Logan and Serephina, anywhere is as good a place as any to fall in love.