Love and the Dark – Lea Ryan

What would you risk to have it all?

Olivia Ellison moved to California to become a movie star. When she winds up working a dull office job instead, that dream seems further out of reach than ever, that is, until a charming movie director walks in.

Sidney Wright is a director with a vision, and he isn’t afraid to put lives on the line to get results. He offers his stars little in the way of direction and less in the way of a script. With the mob invested in his endeavor, he’d better know what he’s doing.

Olivia isn’t sure what to think when a man who hates Sidney is found dead on the movie studio grounds, and her would-be boyfriend is the primary suspect. She doesn’t want to believe he’s capable of murder, but as her feelings for Sidney grow, so does the torment she suffers for the sake of their movie.

How far will Olivia go to hang onto her dream? Download the book now to find out!

Love and the Dark is a gripping psychological thriller laced with reckless romance.