Love in Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Romance Stories – D. T. Adams

Passionate romance stories that are very short, but no less uplifting

Each story in this e-book is just two sentences long. The thrilling, bite-sized tales in this collection are presented in three categories:

– Single and Dating. Awe-inspiring stories about those who hope to find someone remarkable and enjoy letting their naughty side run wild

– Relationships Thriving. Blissful stories about lasting connections full of love and lust

– Relationships Failing. Eye-opening stories about bonds breaking and the agony that ensues

Meet hopeful people ready to open up their hearts to a significant other and those who crave sensual contact with others. See people who are happy together and whose desire for each other is unconditional. Witness the painful, devastating break-up of partnerships that were once strong.

If you’re a romance fan and you like very short fiction, you’ll enjoy Love in Brief: 200 Two-Sentence Romance Stories.

Buy now and discover some of the shortest romance stories around.