Low Self Esteem – Robin Belliveau

Self-esteem is best described as a person’s confidence in their own abilities or worth, or the opinion that a person holds of themselves. It’s only natural to go through occasional brief periods during which you might lack confidence in a specific area of your life; but when you suffer from low self-esteem for prolonged periods of time, this compromised state of being can (and will) severely affect the overall quality of your life. Having low self-esteem causes you to describe yourself negatively, to judge yourself as lagging far behind your peers, or to disregard any compliments that are given to you. The good news is, this book is specifically designed to help you go about changing your self-image to empower yourself and build confidence. First we’ll identify common causes of low self-esteem and distinguish the specific underlying cause of your issue. Then I’ll teach you how to effectively change your self-image and build up a foundation of confidence, all the while carefully monitoring your mindset to demonstrate that you are the one who holds all the power. So if you suffer from low self esteem and you’re finally ready for a change, then download this book now and let’s get started!