Marked Hearts: Book One – Laina Ruff

Luke and Alana have been friends since she wandered into his kitchen at J’s Place and sat down as if she’d been there forever. But Luke has secrets in his past that have him locked away from everyone, including Alana.
Until Robert rides in on his motorcycle, bringing a heat to Alana’s life she never expected. He seems to be just what she needs and just what Luke was afraid of.
But after hidden truths about Alana are exposed, Luke has to decide how far he’ll go for her. When he gets the chance to take love into his arms and never let go, will he be brave enough to do it? What happens when Luke and Alana find themselves together but oh-so-far apart?
And when his own past pulls him back into the darkness he could never outrun, will Luke finally face his demons and let love mark his heart forever?
This is the second book in the J’s Place Series. Check out “Crashing In” if you want to start reading from the beginning!