Meditation Made Easy: Start Meditating in 5 minutes. Achieve Enlightenment in 6 months. – Slavi Stoev

This meditation guide for beginners teaches you 5 main meditation exercises in a concrete step-by-step practical approach. No spiritual mumbo-jumbo or needless filler.
Start your daily meditation practice today to become calmer and more mindful tomorrow. Learn how to double your results by using a quick and simple technique. Take your meditation to the next level — try the fast 6-month enlightenment program or the gradual 12-month one.

Meditation Made Easy includes:
Prepare for Meditation—Easy to follow steps to get ready for your meditation session.
“Do Nothing” Meditation—Beginner technique you can use when you’re tired or lazy.
Everything you need to know about meditation—All the theory needed to start your meditation practice.
The biggest myth about meditation
Make a habit of daily meditation
Take regular breaks
Meditate to be happy
What happens in meditation stays in meditation
Take the bad with the good
“Let Go” Meditation—Intermediate technique to improve concentration in the mornings or early afternoons.
Mindfulness Meditation—Amazing meditation practice to connect with your environment. Especially worth to do in nature.
“Strong Determination Sitting” Meditation—Advanced mediation to speed up results and put you on the path to spiritual enlightenment.
“Awareness Focus” Meditation—Expert practice monks use to achieve enlightenment.
Meditation Booster—Also called a “Concentration injection,” it can speed up your meditation results multiple times.
Meditation Plans—Detailed schedules for regular meditation and enlightenment.
“Just Meditate” plan
“6 Months Meditation for Enlightenment” plan
“12 Months Meditation for Enlightenment” plan
Do your future self a favor and start meditating right now with Meditation Made Easy.