Men in Uniform Box Set – M.D. Dalrymple

Three sexy cop novellas in one set! Steamy romances about the Boys in Blue and those who love them!
Night Shift: Officer Matthew Danes is all about his job on patrol. When the enchanting Rosemarie enters his life, they are swept up in a passionate romance. Until one day when Officer Danes job hits too close to his heart. Can he and his boys in blue save Rosemarie?

Day Shift: An officer. His wife. And the blonde bombshell who wants him. Officer Ramon Garza is happily married when he has a rogue encounter with a woman who decides she wants him. What will Officer Garza do when she won’t let go?

Overtime: Officer Tyrell Blaser, otherwise known as Blaser the Player, is one of the sexiest cops on patrol. When he meets Vivienne, it is no holds barred as they begin a passionate affair. But her ex is can’t let go, and Officer Blaser and the boys in blue have to work overtime to stop the guy.