Mending the Shattered Mirror: A Journey of Recovery from Abusive Therapy – Analie Shepherd

A story of hope, courage and redemption after abuse in therapy.

The phenomenal true story of one woman’s struggle to regain her heart, soul, and sanity after being psychologically abused by a beloved therapist. A shocking account of a secret world of abuse that destroys the lives of many victims who are left defenseless and silent within a society that has no context to understand. A ground-breaking and important book!

In 1960, three-year-old Analie’s mother fled violence from an alcoholic husband and found safety at her mother’s house. The five daughters shared one room, a lawn chair serving as a bed. “You are killing your mother!” their grandmother said, forbidding contact between the children and their mother. Overwhelming grief caused Analie’s psyche to split into seven personalities, “The Others.”

Years passed. Analie, determined to achieve her dreams, graduated from college, married and had four beautiful children. Life was wonderful until her daughter revealed a dark family secret; Analie’s world crumbled. Seeking help, Analie began to see a well-respected psychologist. Within this therapy, Analie endured five years of unimaginable abuse and cruelty.

Finally, able to leave the abusive therapist, Analie soon realizes finding a new therapist who will believe her shocking story and treat her with dignity and kindness, is next to impossible. In her struggle to find the help she needs, Analie endures alarming mistreatment and cruelty from a number of therapists. Through it all, Analie never gives up her struggle to find truth, within herself and for herself.

A story of hope, courage and redemption. From the very first page, this inspirational story will enthrall you … the conclusion of the book is amazingly beautiful and deeply satisfying.