Metabolic Health: Prediabetes, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Weight Loss – Josie Smythe-Rivers

Addressing metabolic health is complex, and it requires the right information about diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the body’s natural tendency to default to its highest weight due to powerful evolutionary factors, including insulin resistance as we age.

This introductory guide to the Metabolic Health Publication series outlines how this group of inexpensive, accessible books provides you with a series of pragmatic solutions to metabolic health problems rooted in high blood sugar and insulin resistance, including weight problems.

Written by an historian of science, the Metabolic Health Publications series addresses:

*Metabolic syndrome

*Reversing prediabetes and diabetes

*Reversing high blood pressure, high “bad” cholesterol, and high triglycerides

*Reversing insulin resistance

*Achieving permanent weight loss through improved metabolic health, not fad diets or supplements

*Improving metabolic nutrition through easily-available food staples, food timing, and food combinations

* How to regain metabolic health through a complex, nutrient-dense, low-carb diet

*Accessible ways to engage in functional exercise, resistance training, and HIIT

*How to ensure macronutrient and micronutrient dietary balance in order to improve insulin sensitivity and weight loss

* Importance of stress reduction in relation to blood sugar and weight management

* How sleep deprivation affects blood sugar and weight

* The HbA1C test (its purpose and limitations), fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity testing

* Importance of fiber and fat in the diet

*Microbiome health in relation insulin resistance/high blood sugar

* How and why specific fats improve metabolic health

This guide includes a description of each book in the Metabolic Health Publication series.