Mind: Forces of Life – David Lloyd Shepard

Challenge yourself to change your life. Improve yourself. Practice life. “If only I knew then, what I know now…” is the most common regret of life. It fairly screams the critical importance of knowledge. Educate yourself. Read. Learn. Practice. Learn what the most successful people know about life. Become an expert at recognizing the bogus ideas and put-downs of others. Re-write your life, the most successful people constantly revise their self after each failure.
Re-invent yourself after rejection, learn the social skills that few know. Change the direction in your life.
Challenge yourself to work to understand other people. Practice new social skills.
The scars of life will take care of themselves.
Steel yourself against the problems of life. Anxiety, Depression, Self-Help, Social Skills, Success: What is it the greatest minds in psychology and those who are the most successful in life know about success and failure? How can we use this knowledge to prevent problems and increase success? Knowledge is the key to success and to surviving failure.
“The only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” John Locke.
Knowledge and understanding can change your brain as effectively as any therapy. Preventing psychological problems can be more effective than treating them after they occur. This book is about how learning from others can protect ourselves and our children from the pain of living and learn the social skills and knowledge that make us successful in our personal lives, raising our children, our business.
Most of us know the problems of living from our own experience. Yet few imagine that the most successful and famous people in history have also gone through similar problems. From “Staying Sane in an Insane World” to “The Fire In Your Belly” these are the lessons of life and the social skills that make life better for all of us. Teachers and parents can use this knowledge to help their kids and to help ourselves benefit from the lessons learned from the lives of others.

How can we develop the social skills we need to succeed in life? How can we avoid the problems life creates for us? Sometimes we forget the problems we have as soon as they are passed, while other times we lay awake at night and agonize over our failures in the past.
This book is an attempt to provide the understanding we need for ourselves and our children to do well in a world that often makes no sense, is often irrational, and difficult to understand. In their own words, we will read about the experiences that inspired the lives and success of others that help give us a blueprint of life.
Educating people to understand the problems they will face in life, the skills they need to flourish is far more effective than psychotherapy after the fact. Yet psychologists do not get paid for preventing problems.
Prevention is always more effective than using therapy after problems arise. Preventing heart disease and stroke by lowering blood pressure is always more effective than treating the problems after they begin. Knowledge can help to provide answers to the problems that create roadblocks to success in life.
Social Skills are basic to functioning in school, in relations with our spouse, our children, our employees, our business.