Mirror Worlds – April D Brown

Explore worlds, not quite as you know them. Alternative Earths, or human-like beings on other planets. Other times, history has changed. A forgotten past. An unreached future. A dream of places that may, or may not, be. Various short stories that stir the soul, and grasp at long forgotten truths which beg to be heard again.

A variety of stories, at various lengths, slip between ten categories:
Other Worlds and Other Worldly
Medical Science Fiction
Future Endings
Future Beginnings
A Future We Won’t Remember
A Past Forgotten
Childhood Exploration

Rating: PG.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Alluded to.
Sex: None.
Violence: Light.
POV Characters: Multiple.
Length: 57,087 words in 38 short stories and 2 poems.

Arial size 12 – 253 pages
Arial size 16 – 290 pages