Modern Step Parenting Techniques: A Family Aspiring for Harmony – Craig Elliott

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to ease into your new role as a stepparent. Children are blessings from God. Whether they are yours biologically or by marriage, you can always strive to create a successful family in which everyone is committed to loving and caring for one another. It is possible to bring harmony to a blended or stepfamily. The road toward success may be more difficult than that for a new or nuclear family, but the rewards and joys you will gain are truly worth all the effort.
Parenting your own kids is challenging enough; parenting your stepchildren is even more difficult. Blended families that include you and your partner, your exes, your stepchildren, and your biological children face more issues and challenges than an average nuclear family. This is because there are more people involved, and the more people are involved, the more complicated the relationships among the members will be.
It is a great challenge for stepparents to raise their partner’s children because these kids are, in some way, affected by their other parent. You cannot and should not compete with their other parent, and you should love your stepchildren the way you love your own kids. You need to find the right balance between being a parent who imposes strict rules and a parent who can be their friend. You want your stepchildren to like you, but you also want them to respect you and treat you as a real parent.
This book gives you some useful tips and techniques on how to raise your stepchildren. It will give you an idea of how blended families can become successful. You will learn some tips on how to bond with your stepchildren, how you can deal with differences, how to strengthen your family as a whole, and how you can keep your relationship with your spouse happy so that the children will likewise feel safe and happy.
We will talk about what to expect when becoming part of a blended family and how to manage your expectations and those of your partner and your stepchildren. We will also look at the importance of prioritizing your marriage and why you and your partner need to focus not just on your children but also on each other to ensure the success of your marriage and of your blended family.