Modern Sustainability Master Guide: simple steps to bravely birth a new sustainable climate on planet earth – kolee the practicalsaint

If Louise Hay and Jacques Cousteau had a book baby, this Modern Sustainability Master Guide would be it!
This is a book about taking simple steps to regenerate a loving earth!

The long awaited merging of science and spirit is upon us- this is the very essence of modern sustainability.

If we are to continue as a human species, we must immediately look into:

① What the problems on planet earth are and why the problems exist in the first place,

② What we can ACTUALLY do, right now, to be a part of the wholistic climate solution, and

③ What our future generations can inherit if each and every human takes these simple steps today.

This book is well cited with journals, research, and science as well as brings experiential knowledge and wisdom into the mix.

Jahnavi Jethmalani has masterfully woven kolee’s research and experience into a compelling look at just how broken our earth systems are and walk us through simple steps to restore a harmonious life on earth in all the spheres like consumerism, fashion, waste, housing, food, transportation, energy, water, health, and education.

There are even journal prompts at the end of each chapter to make sure you can begin or expand your sustainability practices in your everyday life right away.

The author has lived and experienced off grid living, urban homesteading, sustainable town life (with 5 sons in tow), legislates, marches, supports, and promotes all things sustainable and beneficial through her Practicalsaints Talk podcast, blog, website, publishing company, and life.

Perhaps outdated mindsets on what a sustainable life looks like have prevented you from taking steps toward leaving a better planet than the one you inherited?

Maybe you’ve been told it’s complicated to be sustainable, or it takes too much money to be practical, or even that it’s not worth the effort because humans are almost extinct anyway?

In any case, planet earth and those who live on it are in danger and it’s time every single earthling stop thinking in broken, old fashioned ways and immediately embrace a modern sustainable lifestyle where we enjoy life AND do no harm in the process!

ALL different walks of life and ALL kinds of communities and people can absolutely live a prosperous life on planet earth. We’re confident this guide will highlight the issues we’re facing as humans and inspire practical TAKE NOW steps to heal the broken world we’re all a part, no matter where on earth we live.

If you are a human living on earth, this book is for you.