Mothermare: A Mothercare Nightmare – Ben Simon Lazarus

Money brings power. Power brings success. Show us your wealth or shove off. These were the rules of the haves versus have nots society Victoria Allen grew up in. What happens when the spoils no longer cut it? Mothermare takes us into the dark place where bitterness grows. A bitterness that is born not of a life without want but a life without fulfillment. Victoria Allen knows that the untold riches of her childhood will never cover the scars of pain and neglect. The scars that reveal themselves as a deep, powerful resentment toward her mother. The scars that will lead to a choice to abandon the supposed safety and security of her affluent upbringing. The scars sparked a rebellion, urging her to become a mother herself as she decides to raise her daughter in a poverty-stricken household. Victoria’s seemingly noble decision quickly goes awry, leading to chaos as she embarks on her journey of motherhood. This mothercare nightmare, Mothermare, is a story of determination, tragedy, and the invaluable lessons learned about life, family, and the impacts of classism.