Murder at Gull Cove – Scott A. Ferguson, Sr.

Jack Lewis had been in prison for fifteen years, but today was the day he got out on parole. After the bus dropped him off, he was met by his best friend, Charlie Walker, now a deputy sheriff. Charlie offered Jack a ride. When he asked, “Where to?” Jack’s reply stunned him: “Gull Cove.”

Upon entering his house, Jack discovered a girl named Tamika asleep on the couch. The next day he learned that his sister was the mother of the teen. While the two siblings got reacquainted, Tamika played pool, but the balls kept getting stuck. This prompted Jack to reach his hand into the ball return, where he discovered a blood-stained glove. Detective Delores Parker was called in to investigate, and together she and Jack began trying to identify the real killer.

Somebody in Gull Cove didn’t want the truth to come out. Jack began receiving threatening phone calls, followed by painted warning messages left on his cars and house. The harassment escalated to exploding cars and even Jack’s boathouse. On a cold and rainy night Jack came home to discover someone waiting for him…with a baseball bat. He woke up tied to a chair in his basement watching the real killer pour kerosene around the room. Can Jack survive? Will help arrive in time?