My Bedtime – Amanda Hembrow

Does your sweet one child like my own had a lot of question or another “urgent necessity” instead of going to bed? . This simple tale will provide the answer to most excuses young children have to avoid bedtime.

Has your child asked, “Why” all the time? Your kid does not want to take a bath or brush his/her teeth? Or maybe your child likes to eat some sweet cookies before sleeping. Maybe your child does not want to sleep because he or she is looking forward to meeting with friends tomorrow. If either of these is the case, then “My Bedtime” is for you!

Does your child have the fear of monsters or darkness? Maybe he or she is very susceptible and fairy tales just excite your child’s imagination, and maybe the fairy tales don’t lead to sleep. Then try to use our Bedtime routine book. There are no monsters or anything that can lead to fear and frustration for the child.

Caution! It may cause drowsiness! The author and the publisher very much hope your little one made it through all bedtime routine and falls asleep. But we make no guarantees.