Mystic Passage: A Paranormal Fantasy Saga – C.L. Carhart

“You fool. You have known the glory of the Teuton priest. For the rest of your life, you will want a priest. There is no hope for you now.”

Swanie von Thaden and her companions bend time to search for the truth, but things go awry from the start. Unexpected dangers lurk in eleventh century Europe, and Swanie soon learns that she may be there much longer than intended. She sets out to carve a place for herself in a primeval land of princes and noblewomen, but she quickly finds that her Teuton peers prove unwilling to reveal their secrets to a brash interloper.

Swanie fears that she may never uncover the mysteries of Teutonic history—until she meets Augustin von Bayern, a mysterious young lord that her people mistrust. Educated and refined, his aura entices her in ways she had never anticipated. But he offers his shadowy lore at a price, one which may alter her future. Does she dare to explore the darker aspects of Teutonic magic? Should she bare her heart to one who walks a demon’s path?

Trigger warning: this novel contains adult language, sexual situations, rape, and discussion of suicide.