Natural Herbal Medicine: Evidence-Based Guide To Medicinal Herbalism For Beginners, Easy Everyday Herbal Remedies Supported By Science: Medicinal Plants, Medicinal Herbs & Spices, Medicinal Mushrooms – Blair Berry

If you are wondering whether natural herbal remedies are worth a shot and which ones can best support your personal health goals, then keep reading.

Herbal remedies have centuries-long track records of health benefits in traditional holistic medicine. And more recently, herbs, plants, spices, and mushrooms have been enjoying a new spotlight as vital parts of every health-conscious menu.

But what does the science say?

In this evidence-based guide, you’ll explore the health benefits actually backed up by modern scientific research!

You’ll discover easy-to-find everyday plants and herbs so you can enjoy the health benefits even if you aren’t exactly a natural at the natural health store! In fact, some of these herbs you probably already have in your pantry. Many are delicious, too! A win-win.

Featuring three best-selling books: Potent Medicinal Plants, Potent Medicinal Herbs and Spices, and Potent Medicinal Mushrooms

You’ll discover:

Powerful remedies for cold, flu, and immunity
Insane antiviral and antibiotic action
Helpful herbs for liver and kidney support
Soothing plants for irritating skin conditions
Best boosts for your cognitive function, study, and focus
Speedy relief for migraines and fatigue
How to squeeze out maximum benefits
When to watch out for dosage, allergies, and medication clashes
Fully independent research studies by the plant-based legend Michael Greger, MD
Bonus: the herb that can neutralize radiation damage from X-rays and long-haul flights
Bonus: a life-changing new discovery by the medicinal mushroom legend researcher Paul Stamets
Bonus: the number one air-filtering plant as tested by NASA

If you want to find out how the science-approved health-boosting properties of medicinal plants can elevate your body and mind, tap to get the book right now!