Nephilim Games See how they Play – Violet Smyth

When ex-police officer Maurice Jones was unexpectedly ‘managed’ out of the job he loved he was devastated. Where do middle-aged, black ex-coppers find work?
An unexpected opportunity within the fraud department of an insurance company came his way, and he thought he’d adjusted well to the work in the call centre, until the day the Head of Fraud called him in for a little chat.
It seemed that Maurice would be more useful working as a private investigator gathering evidence of fraudulent claims working once again with the Secret Intelligence Service, an organisation that had previously used him and his friends to do their dirty work, leaving them high and dry in the aftermath.
The base was an anonymous office on a technology park just outside Coventry city centre, staffed by a hacker lifted from a Young Offender’s Institute, a child prodigy who rarely spoke, and an AI unit.
The subject of their interest was a recently converted care home. On the face of it, the residents in Respite Care appeared to be well catered for and very carefully selected for their minds. A medium, an astrologer, and an old man who told stories were the first to be chosen. All allegedly dementia suffers, with no one to look after them. They’d outlived their usefulness and were a drain on society.
But there was a solution. Technological advances were the key to managing this particular social burden. Their fragile minds were stimulated by the bespoke mind games created for them. They became addicted but happy in their own heads. Spending 24 hours a day hooked up to machines, they thrived. It was deliciously simple. Manipulating humans to provide free energy for their ancient masters.
The process was completely painless. The residents were willing participants and no longer a burden on society. With Ministerial support guaranteed at the highest level, backed by private investors, the plan couldn’t fail. Those in authority would see to that. Power and ego played their part, as the city university and the local authority planning department became inextricably involved in the energy harvest, for a price.
Maurice and his new assistant Janice, joined forces once more with his neighbour and her daughter. Old and new friends combined their knowledge putting their trust in a silent child genius, and a softly spoken musician, much against their better judgment. They were pitting their wits against an old enemy but there was a plan. It seemed that anything was possible.
The Secret Service thought so too. The scientists employed in Bunker BK30 were fascinated and horrified as they tried to discover how alien technology was keeping the residents of Respite Care alive. On the face of it, what had been done to the residents was pure evil, but did offer endless possibilities. Someone with vision would realise the potential for a social engineering design for the future.
In the fight against the evil Nephilim, something always had to give. There would be winners and losers but the establishment in all its complexity would always survive, the Nephilim would see to that.