New Mercies: A Christian Romance – Julia Colquitt Allen

The church they both love brought them together, but could it also tear them apart?
Dolores “Dodie” Hansen has been dealt a difficult hand in life. Her son has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and her marriage has fallen apart as a result. Forced to move back to her hometown of Meadowbrook, Dodie is determined to make a life for herself and her son. Enter new minister Christopher Tanner: dynamic from the pulpit but painfully shy one-on-one. Drawn to the plight of Dodie and her son, Chris is determined to do whatever he can to help. As the two become closer, a relationship begins to blossom between them. But in a town as gossip ridden as Meadowbrook, no good can come from a relationship between a divorced woman and a minister, right?
New Mercies is an inspirational romance full of faith and emotion that will touch your heart and fill you with hope. If you enjoyed Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook or Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, you’re sure to love New Mercies. Download it today before the price returns to normal!