No Monsters In Our Home! – Amanda Hembrow

Help your child overcome their fears!

Have you noticed your once fearless toddler being scared of the dark or of shadows, or that they refuse to go into a dark room? Tell your child a story about monsters being shadows, and that if you turn the light on, they disappear. No monsters in the house anymore! None! It is that easy to conquer your child’s fears…once and for all.

Sean sees a monster in the kitchen, in the dim doorway, and behind the window.
Shadows and strange sounds that frighten the boy appear to be something familiar, like a cat running around the house, or birds flapping their wings behind the window. In each situation, mom or dad are there to help, and the boy is reassured
that there are no monsters in the house. The monsters are not there, so the fears go away and the boy can peacefully sleep through the night in his room.