No More Negativity – James R. Bausch

Most people spend their entirely lives ‘pursuing’ the notion of happiness. And they’re not necessarily wrong to do so. Happiness plays a critical role in our lives; it keeps us going and motivates us to overcome challenges that are only natural to encounter in life. Basically everything we do revolves around the intention of deriving happiness. From the food we eat, to the clothes we buy, to the people we surround ourselves with, the ultimate goal is to achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. However, there is often something that seems to stand in between us and our ultimate goal, and in the case of happiness, that obstacle is usually our very own negativity. So one might then ask, “How can I get rid of negativity from my life?” And that’s exactly what this book designed to help you with! The first step in eliminating negativity is to identify whether you are indeed a negative person, and if so, to what extent. Then we will work to remedy the situation by transforming your negative thoughts into positive ones. Through the implementation of the various methods presented in this book, both internally and externally, it’s going to be a lot easier than you might think to get rid of all that negativity inside you. So what are you waiting for? Download this book today to start your journey towards a much happier and positive life.