Not So Festive – D. T. Adams

Sick and tired of Christmas? Me too.

A short and uncensored collection of rants about the excessively jubilant Christmas. I may be breaking a taboo when I admit that I don’t like the biggest day of the year that much, but so what.

In this e-book, I hold nothing back and rant about Christmas, the annual frenzy of gifts and money so many of us love. I unleash my inner Scrooge and show why I am reluctant to get into the spirit of the occasion.

But, it’s not all negativity as there’s actually something to do with the holiday that I’m grateful for. After the fifteen passionate rants, there’s a sixteenth and final piece that’s about something rather uplifting.

Do you find Christmas preposterous and dislike it too?

If you want a raw, honest look at one of the greatest modern-day traditions, you’ll enjoy reading Not So Festive.

Buy now and see what I have to say about the oh-so wonderful day that gets bigger and more monetised every year.