Now Repeat After Me – Oksana Zinchenko

An old man who could not read a clock. A woman, begging the doctors to stop the awful smell haunting her everywhere. A man, who asks his mother for candies. A young man who closed his company became a priest and now is thinking secret agents are after him. A woman who does not speak anymore.
All these people are connected. All these people have a brain tumour.
This book contains a series of medical stories based on cases at neurosurgical hospital from neuropsychology, a healthcare professional who uses psychology to explore brain deficits and provide more information on the impact of brain damage on cognition and lifestyle of the patient. The reader together with the author starts a journey, where they try to find the answer, why the patient is laughing hard on nothing, or acts childishly, or lost his ability to comprehend speech or understand emotions – looking at this behaviour as a set of clues to find the location of brain damage. Each case is illustrated by many historical examples and conceptions from neuropsychology to guide the reader on our understanding of how the brain and behaviour are linked, and why some- times we could tell more even than brain scans only. This medical non-fiction book presents a great adventure to the world of the human brain and mind.