Oh boy! You’re in trouble… – Dr. Prasanna Vignesh

When you feel right in here- inside the heart, right now, that you’ve got to be doing this for the rest of your life, it is your passion and you just can’t fake it. Living in the city of Coimbatore, Ravin Vinayak, who in his early twenties decides to quit a life of a decent living to chase his passion of becoming a story teller, despite the uncertainty in his path. One day he’s after the good jobs and interviews and in the pursuit of winning a beautiful girl and the next day, he is just a guy who has nothing to lose, daring to pursue his dream and passion. When life finally offers him a chance, it comes with a cost of pain and rejection. Can the amalgam of love and pain he has been bestowed upon with, transform him into a great artist? Can he succeed in his love-life? The twist his life is going to take might change his life forever. This is coming-of-age romantic tale dealing with the complex circumstances that life offers, demanding us to be the captain of one’s own life boat.