Old Crotchet: A Ghost Story – H.E. Bulstrode

A traditional ghost story with a humorous twist.
Old Crotchet – her manor, her rules. Cross her at your peril. There’s little that will rile a woman more than 300 years of age than the arrival of some flighty young upstart intent upon displacing her. The year is 1920, and it’s Twelfth Night by the old reckoning. Festivities are about to commence as something sinister stirs from its protracted dormancy, awakened, it seems, by the arrival of two young guests. The old ways, they find, should not be treated lightly.

A supernatural tale of the unexpected, with a blithe spirit and distinctly British flavour, likely to appeal to fans of E.F. Benson.

The first novelette in the West Country Tales series, also available alongside four others as a paperback, or Kindle e-book, in Anthology: Wry Out West. If you like this you’ll also enjoy Old Crotchet’s Return, which is also published as a paperback, and on Kindle.