Olin Heon – Freya Pickard

Despite his status as an ambassador, Lored is imprisoned without trial or an explanation by the Kimderin on the Isle of Yrjo. Rescued by the mysterious Nilo, Lored makes his way home to Olin Heon on the continent of Falna, only to find strange changes have taken place there.

Tari, an acolyte in the Temple in Aura Vere is content to serve Aqua, the goddess of water. The arrival of Undine, the new priestess of Aqua, brings changes to Tari’s quiet life. When she makes friends with Sidra, Tari feels protective of the young girl but fails to heed Aqua’s warning at the mid-winter festival.

Who are the kaerlings? Can Lored ever feel at home again in Olin Heon? Can he discover what has really happened in the tower of the taku-kevir? And will Tari be able to continue to serve in Aqua’s shrine or will she be assigned duties elsewhere?

Find out in Olin Heon!