On the Case (The Lair of the Lesbian Love Goddess Files) – Edward McKeown

e spaceport brings trade, adventure and bewildering new crimes to New York City’s future. To police this new frontier, Brian McManus, whose wisecracking humor masks an uncynical heart, teams with Regina Del Mar, cream of the academy, to police the mean streets of the Offport. They’re aided by the hottest product of the Louisiana bayou, Freddie Bouvier, whose transgender eyes piece the heart of darkness masking the evil that man and alien do. The future will be stranger than you can imagine.

Join McManus and his crew as they pursue criminals and clean up the streets of Offport…this is McKeown’s gift: he tells tales like Heinlein, and he makes them brand new. In The Robot Not Taken, a tip of the hat to Asimov’s robot stories, he introduces a highly functioning artificial intelligence to poetry, and the result is a beautiful rumination on what it means to be human. But he is by no means a guy locked in the Golden Age, he’s a cultural omnivore. One of my favorite pieces, Drowning in the Past, is inspired by Ed’s love of Japanese Anime. If you have read any of these stories when they were first published you’ll be thrilled to see how they are integrated into a – dare I say it – novelistic story arc. And if you haven’t, well then I really envy you the ride. Enjoy!

—Tim McLoughlin: Editor of Brooklyn Noir and author of Heart of the Old Country