On the Fifth Night. – Michael Howard

Being married to a Huntington’s-afflicted woman was like a jail sentence. Then beautiful Anne came along, with her carefree love, and liberated his body and soul. Sadly, their egos brought out the worst in them, until, one day, his iron-like fist snapped into her face, rupturing her fleshy lips. And cracking his mind in the process. The doctor said it was a psychotic break, not unheard of after trauma. But that proved to be an incorrect diagnosis.
It takes the afterlife to fully experience human consciousness – to understand what opens a mind – and that’s where his quest for healing and meaning led him.
“On The Fifth Night” is a unique journey into an uncharted dimension that is the fibre of everything. The tale is inspired, and inspiring, to the last word. Heart-warming, thought-provoking and spiritual.