Once She Saw… A Blind Man (Ms Araminta Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) – Deborah Diaz

“Once She Saw…A Blind Man” is the first installment of the Ms Araminta Cozy Mystery series written by rising author Deborah Diaz. The story revolves around the protagonist Miss Araminta and the surprising turn of events that take place after she witnessed a theft. Beautifully written, “Once She Saw…A Blind Man” is filled with moments of joy, happiness, sadness and despair. Each character in the book has an interesting back-story that makes them come to life. Sometimes things are not exactly what they seem. Only those who have the heart to dig deeper uncover the truth. And sometimes that one deed saves the lives of many! That is what we come to learn from “Once She Saw…A Blind Man”. Order your copy to find out more!