Oops! I just gave a Sh*t : How to be self-confident in a negative environment – Davy Lawrence

Boost your self confidence, self esteem and self worth in a hostile environment by learning how to not care what people think about you.
Davy Lawrence presents a book that uses a no-nonsense approach to solving the problem of dealing with any form of negativity brought up by unhappy people.Using only common sense and pure logic with a lot of practical examples, he explains how to deal with negative feelings generated by unhappy people with consummate ease.
Using the same philosophy he has written in the book, Davy was able to turn his personality of low self worth around and become a kick ass happy and confident dude. He believes others can use this same principle too and gain their lives back and feel happy again, even in the face of negativity.
Davy guarantees that after reading this book, you will never have to give any solitary piece of *beep* in your life again.
With this self confidence journal for women, men and even teens a simple and logical self-confidence philosophy will be presented to you so that you will learn how to be happy at last!