Overtime – M.D. Dalrymple

When the stalking victim becomes his lover . . .
Officer Tyrell Blaser is everything a good cop should be: tall, strong, proud to be a cop, and willing to work overtime.
Known as “Blaser the player,” Tyrell finds he wants more than a string of one-night stands. When he tries to help the beautiful Vivienne after a traffic stop goes wrong, his heart takes control. One night, on a typical traffic stop, Vivienne’s ex tries to run her off the road. She is scared and alone, and Tyrell offers her a shoulder to lean on and his business card. As her case progresses, so does Tyrell’s interest in Vivienne, leading to a steamy and passionate relationship.
But her ex has eluded the police and is not willing to let go. As the ex evades capture, Tyrell’s desire for Vivienne grows. Can Officer Blaser keep Vivienne safe?