Dumb and Dumber – Owen Monie

Joe Biden is a gaffe machine.

Since he was first elected to office in 1972, President Biden’s handlers have been plagued by endless headaches due to Joe Biden’s linguistic screwups, exaggerated assertions, and downright fabrications.

President Biden has earned a reputation as America’s top blunder-maker over the course of his five decades in public life. In spite of a long history of racist remarks, sarcastic asides, and furious tirades against voters, he won the White House in 2020.

As his former boss, President Barack Obama, reportedly said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f-k things up.”

Laugh along as you read Biden’s worst gaffes ever in this hilarious book.

As a bonus, we’ve also included some great Vice-President Kamala Harris’ word salads. You’ll be amazed at the blathering nonsense that comes out of Kamala. We wish we could provide you with an audio of the Harris cackle that comes at the end of many of these quotes.

Enjoy it for yourself or as a gift for your favorite Democrat. Dumb and Dumber: The Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Book of Stupid Quotes will definitely have you shaking your head at all the marlarkey.