Paradise High: A Novel – William Henning

An all-American boyhood tale for our corrupted times, Paradise High traces one night in the lives of a rowdy, bawdy, fun-loving bunch of high school seniors as they laugh and romp their way to the palatial marble estate of their mafia-son classmate for a party.

Set in the frozen suburban hinterlands of the upper Midwest during a Christmas break snowstorm in 1997, the story captures with raucous humor and biting wit that timeless ritual of late teenagers raising a glass to the dwindling, precious moments of their youth.

Irreverent, foul-mouthed, and outrageously funny, but with a wry and tender wistfulness at its heart, Paradise High is a rollicking yarn with echoes of the proverbial Last Hurrah of Summer, recounting an unforgettable evening that will leave none of its protagonists the same.