Pemberley: Fitzwilliam Goes to London – Margaret Lynette Sharp

The grand ball at Pemberley has perhaps kindled a fledgling love between Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jr and Miss Emily Collins, the daughter of Mr William Collins and his late wife Charlotte. As a protegee of Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s, Miss Collins is living in London, far away from her Hunsford home – where she is undertaking the study of the pianoforte under the guidance of an eminent master.
An opportunity to visit the beautiful maiden proves irresistible to Fitzwilliam, who travels with his father who has business in London. Will Fitzwilliam’s feelings be reciprocated? Is Emily devoted to her musical studies, to the exclusion of a suitor? Or will someone else prove to have worked his way into her heart?
This short story provides yet another glimpse into the Regency world of Jane Austen.