Persona – Vincent Kane

An Academy Award winning actor develops Dissociative Identity Disorder, borne from previous characters he played over the years, causing him to unleash hell upon those around him and his city.
The actor’s name is Ricky Van Sant. The personalities number five and these are their characteristics:

Abraham Lincoln: Ricky Van Sant got an Oscar for Best Lead Actor for this role. This character, of course, is the sanest of all the other personalities. He is calm, honorable, empathetic, caring, thoughtful character, and sometimes overlaps with his Primary character as Ricky Van Sant. However he is the least predominant of the Personalities.

Jimmy Castle: Jimmy Castle is a rich kleptomaniac, who prides himself in stealing the most priceless of artifacts in Europe. He has a thick British accent and happens to be gay.

Robert Du Voight: This character is a Frenchman, who’s supposed to be living in the early 1960s. He has Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy, causing him to walk tilted to his left side. He has a rich brother who helped him with his education, such that he became a medical doctor despite his disability. Due to his disability, he is driven to believe that the human body is too fragile, and therefore must be pushed beyond its limits to facilitate evolution of the body into a stronger more resilient body which can withstand any form of environmental extreme and disease. He has an underground base where he experiments on humans, which are sometimes provided by Tony the Savage.

Tony the Savage: This character is a Mexican serial killer. His victims are those who were accused of a crime but later got exonerated in court. He believes himself to be God’s Hand of Justice upon those who escape punishment of their crimes. His M.O consists of skinning a victim alive and brutalizing the victim in accordance with the crime they were previously accused of.

The Jester/The Anarchist: This character is a psychopath who likes to bring the evil hidden in people. Throughout the story, he plays “games” with his victims which always end up with everybody dying. His characteristic trait is that of a clown mask which he always wears. He is the most dangerous and most predominant of all Ricky Van Sant’s personalities.

Each of these characters force their way into Ricky Van Sant’s life, each with their own personal agenda. Slowly they take over his life such that Ricky starts to lose himself. The question is: Will Ricky Van Sant maintain the driver’s seat, or will the others throw him out of the car completely? If so, which of the five will finally rule Ricky’s rich and famous body?