Personal Development: 50 Bestsellers in Infographics – Ivi Green

50 exceptional books contained in one visual one!
Learn visually. Learn more easily. Learn more quickly!
Get all the soft skills you need for success and happiness in one visual book. Save 300 hours of reading with “Personal Development: 50 Bestsellers in Infographics”. This book will help you achieve your goals using hundreds of insights from the top-rated books on self-development.

What is inside:

– 50 books in one in infographics
– 10 key insights from every bestseller
– 500+ insights in one book!

Why are visuals a great way to learn?

– You understand it easily – it increases retention by 29-42%
– It will stay with you longer – it gets stored in your long-term memory
– It improves motivation to learn – it’s fun to read, and it gives you a sense of satisfaction from completing something