Phantoms of Daytona – Rick Suttle

It’s late June and the McCauliffe family is headed to Daytona Beach, Florida where they’ve gone the past four years for vacation. While the kids don’t have any paranormal investigations planned, twelve-year-old Sarah, a psychic medium, starts seeing a little girl spirit as soon as the family arrives at the condo. The little girl tells her she needs to go to an old hotel which is about four miles away. Sarah knows she must go because the spirit won’t leave her alone until she does. That’s the way it always is. But the kids must find a way to get to the hotel without telling their parents.

Sixteen-year-old Dylan and fourteen-year-old Mike decide to sneak out late at night by taking the family SUV. They only hope they can do it without waking their parents. When they start out, the GPS clicks on and starts spewing out directions to the haunted hotel, which the kids soon discover has been abandoned for decades. Once inside, they encounter a shadow man who tries to attack them. And on the second night they realize there are many spirits at the hotel, including a wicked witch who placed a curse on one of the owners many decades before.

On the third night of the investigation, they meet a shaman who tries to get rid of the shadow man. But once she leaves, thinking her job is done, the kids are thrust into a maelstrom of terror and torment—worse than anything they could ever imagine. And on top of it all, they must deal with the vengeful witch who says they will never leave the hotel. This is the fourth book in The McCauliffe Adventure series. The third book, Ghosts of Lake Dread, was selected for the New York Rights Book Fair in late May.