Poppy and the Wild Thing – L.A. Moore

A renowned photographer, a psychotic killer, and a secret that could change the world.

Poppy wasn’t looking for love when she signed u p for photography classes. She was looking to begin her nature photography career, but when she takes a job as an assistant for Ari; she gets more than she bargains for.

Ari is a celebrity nature photographer and author for a popular magazine. However he s hiding a big secret that could shake up their world, and kill Poppy. There is a reason he is famous for his photo’s an article’s and it has nothing to do with luck or insane tracking skill’s.

Samuel knows Aris’ secret and now that he is free of prison for the murder of Aris’ father, he is hell-bent on proving his sanity and innocence.

When Samuel learns about Poppy and what she means to Ari, he determines to use her in his plan for vengeance and justice. With a strong scheme in place he kidnaps Poppy, intent on torturing her until Ari comes forth with the truth.

With the aid of an elite task force will he save Poppy, or will she save herself before it’s too late?

If you like shapeshifter books then you will enjoy Poppy and the Wild Thing

Buy Poppy and the Wild Thing to get sucked into Aris’ world!

This book contains strong themes or torture and sex.