In this age of chaos, in a powerful, inspiring conversation with the reader, the author provides very timely and pointed revelations about the necessity and power of praying to God about everything. The dimensions and effectiveness of a prayerful life are unfolded bit by bit, as she gently guides those who have not indulged in prayer, as well as encourages those who might be getting weary. For your spiritual growth, personal and professional development there are 52 prayers, relevant Bible verses and richly inspirational notes, touching life-changing topics, literally from A-Z, and intended to connect the reader with the God of Glory, during times of pain as well as of celebration. The author encourages the reader to be comfortable with coming regularly to the throne of Grace to pray. She emphasizes learning to tell God what is bothering you and what you desire, and to be specific when you do. The text makes it very clear that there is nothing about which you cannot pray because God is available, willing and eager to hear and listen. As you read, you will either determine to be greater, decide to praise God more or raise your heartfelt prayers for your needs and those of others. No type of challenge is left untouched in this text. The social, psychological, emotional, professional and global are all laid out, exciting the reader to think, and get on board with praying. The author emphasizes the amazing accessibility of God to everyone, and in every situation, providing specific Bible Quotes to support this truth, as well as her own personal experience and insights in praying purposefully to God. The supernatural Grace, Mercy, and Love of God are the key offerings laid bare for the reader to digest and enjoy. This is not just for you, the reader, but for your friends and family as well.