President DONALD TRUMP: Shithole Nations – Joe Odiboh

Shithole nations is about poor leadership, poverty, gross human rights violations, immigrants perishing in the high seas and on land, corruption and untold human greed, poor infrastructures, and the faces of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Joseph Kabila of the DRC among so many failed leadership who wish to die in power and be buried with their loot in their national treasures. It is about the failures of the AU and other failed nations of the world. Hate President Donald Trump or love him, truth is very bitter to the taste. Each time the United States President Donald Trump speaks his personal view on issues or make certain statements, the world goes agog. The problem with President Trump is that he is very human and speaks his mind bluntly and mostly in truth. The truth we all know is very bitter to the taste in human transactions. Shithole nations are countries with shithole leadership and shithole systems of administration. Shithole countries or shithole houses, we must blame ourselves as masters of our fate, and as captains of our ship. The AU is a capital failure. The UN is a deceitful liar and a joker in the park. Life is a casino in human transactions on earth. Read for yourself.