Propaganda Wars – Sarah Neofield

What happens when an ad exec and a propagandist switch roles for a week?

The most powerful messages are the ones you don’t see.

After decades of knowing nothing of the Souwest other than her collection of McKing’s wrappers that occasionally blew over the wall, Noreastern Ministry propagandist Adria crosses the border on a professional exchange to one of the Souwest’s top advertising companies.

And that means her ad-exec cousin, Wesley, is coming to the Noreast – not to spread freedom, but french fries and fizzy cola.

It’s only for a week, but will Adria finally taste the freedom she long dreamed of just beyond the wall?

And why does Wesley feel freer than he did back in the land of the free?

Grab your copy of Propaganda Wars today and join the fight!

‘Neofield’s prose is flawless, with deep multi dimensional characters that capture your attention from the jump… Propaganda Wars is a war you’ll be excited to enlist to fight in.’ – Wesley Parker, author of Coffee and Condolences, and Headphones and Heartaches.

Praise for Sarah Neofield’s debut novel, Number Eight Crispy Chicken:
‘…thought provoking entertainment… five stars’ – Whispering Stories,