Property Management Basics for the Part-Time Landlord – G.E.S. Boley Jr.

Learn All The Secrets Of “Landlording” And Manage Your Property Without Hassle!

I know how most people have heard about the numerous benefits of investing in real estate but are still reluctant to give it a try. This is generally because most people think of it as a craft that requires some complex knowledge. But that is not necessarily the case, and I will prove it to you.

In this book, “Property Management Basics for the Part-Time Landlord”, I have explained all the vital aspects of real estate. Think of it as the A-to-Z of “Landlording.”

I started by discussing the opportunities that you can look to harness in this business. Then I delved into every aspect of owning a rental property such as repairing your credit score so that you can access more funds, choosing the right property to buy, deciding whether to run your business as a corporation or as a private individual, finding the best tenants, managing your business by managing your property, finances, and tenants accordingly, knowing how to handle a troublesome tenant to get them to fall in line, knowing how to chase eviction if the tenant refuses to cooperate. I closed by discussing the several collection methods that you can use to recover your money if your tenant leaves without paying what they owe. 

I have included the lessons I’ve learned in my 15 plus years of being a landlord, with some useful tips that have been working for me and made me the successful landlord that I am today.

Are you ready to discover how you can build a passive income for you and your family and discover how you can change your finances forever and become financially stable even without the usual 9-to-5?