Pug Dog Breed – Jelena Stinson

If you’re planning to get a pug as a pet, you’ve chosen one of the best dog breeds. Pugs are fun to nurture and train, and the cost of their maintenance is relatively low. They’re one of the most adorable and loyal dog breeds, as well. Taking care of pugs requires specific techniques and training methods that every pug owner should know. Although pugs are trainable and easy to nurture, problems can arise when these cute pets are mistreated. Issues also occur when pet owners are not well-versed about their feeding habits, proper habitat, specific care and appropriate vaccinations. This book is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to taking care of your pug. It will present specific pug training techniques that will help you keep your pug healthy and in good shape. Pug breeding strategies and tips are also presented to allow you to enjoy this unique and wonderful experience.