Pulled Under – Rimmy London

Her ordinary life is an illusion.

In this international crime thriller, Loriel quickly notices suspicious things about her new job. What were her boss Marco and his nephew Givanni arguing about? And when she borrowed Marco’s car, could she have been mistaken for him? She can’t help but wonder. But these questions take a back seat when her apartment is broken into. Something is definitely not right.

Her casual wonderings turn to a desperate chase suddenly, and without warning. And now, with the help of Givanni, she’s torn from her normal life to a world she’d never glimpsed. A place where powerful criminals reign, and shaddows have eyes. But rather than turn back to her comfortable ignorance, she chooses to stand and fight–even when her instincts tell her she could be dead wrong.

This page-turning adventure will promise enough romantic tension to keep you balanced on the edge of your seat. Give your heart a chance to keep up, and be ready to fall in love with Pulled Under.