Quotes To Tote – Life Lessons In Puns – SZ Yeow

We have curated a choice selection of 390 quotable quotes that involve puns, making them even more memorable than they already are.

It is our hope that you will find this little book of life lessons a treasury of truths and insights that you can apply to your life.

Some of these quotes may be familiar to you, but others may surprise you with a new perspective that you have not considered before.

Some of them will make you laugh, some will make you think. Hopefully, all will make you think and act upon them.

Here is a sample of them:

If you’re not living on the edge,
you’re taking up too much space.

He who fails to see the ultimate
becomes a slave to the immediate.

Expect nothing.
Appreciate everything.

Practice as if you are the worst.
Perform as if you are the best.

Great men give praises.
Small men seek praises.

It’s an obstacle if it stops you.
It’s a stepping stone if it spurs you.

Money is a good servant,
but a bad master.

Don’t think money can do everything;
or you’ll end up doing everything for money.

Life is short;
make it sweet.

Life is the greatest bargain;
we get it for nothing.

We hope that these pearls of wisdom will enlighten your heart and brighten your life.