Reclamation: Ceiba Pentandra Series (Book One) (Intrigue Mystery & Family Saga Fiction 1) – Sophie L. Osborne

“Reclamation is a riveting new series about loss, love, and conquering the unimaginable. Justin and Laurie will leave you wanting more.”

Laurie-Marie Gallagher and Justin Vladimir couldn’t be more different…

The only home she knew since birth, was an orphanage. Justin, comes from a large family with generations of great wealth and privilege. With dedication and hard work, Laurie defies an oppressive stereotype and builds an upstanding life of her own. Justin wants desperately to be left alone to pursue his own ventures. He faces banishment and risks losing a massive inheritance from his family’s estate if he goes against what is expected of him.

But, when relentless, mysterious forces emerge, demanding payment for a deal gone sour over a century past, no one is spared and lives are literally destroyed! Justin and Laurie have more in common than meets the eyes. They stand to lose everything, as ancient demons rise to reclaim their spoils.

“A family saga book series with a paranormal twist.”